Our Nutritional Services

•Nutritional Counseling
•Nutritional Supplements
•Purification/ Cleansing program
•Weight Loss Program

We live our life, most of us will experience stress, exposure to toxins from countless chemicals, heavy metals such as mercury, pollutants in our food, water and environment, deficiencies in vitamins and minerals from poor absorptions, digestive problems, improper eating and inflammation from foods we eat.
After taking a very detailed health history and/or evaluating your blood work, we will customize a nutritional program specific to your needs that can help you maintain good health and minimize the risk of developing serious health conditions.
We are committed to provide you good quality nutritional products to get what they say is in your supplement and which are absorbable by our body. Dr. Thomas herself has been doing purification/cleansing program yearly due to the amazing results she experience. We do provide a complete detox program designed to address issues associated with common underlying health challenges. Holistic Chiropractic is serving Northville, Plymouth, Novi, Livonia, Canton since 2003.